11.4.2017 Announcement : We will renew our blog page♪
9.11.2017 A Letter from the GHQ (General Headquarters)
9.4.2017 Removing Leaves
8.12.2017 "Mowing": care for the whole apple orchard
8.2.2017 The Final Sorting-Out
7.28.2017 Apples Bagging
7.18.2017 The Process of Sorting-Out
7.13.2017 Here is the awaited second series of "We, the Ringobito."(2nd vol.)
6.10.2017 Here is the awaited second series of "We, the Ringobito."
6.3.2017 When the apple flowers bloom... Beginning of the Defloration Process
6.1.2017 When apple flowers bloom... Artificial Pollination
3.21.2017 An Economical and Multi-function Wood-burning Stove in the Apple Farmers' Residence
2.21.2017 Pruning, the apple farmer's first task of the year
1.23.2017 The Shanghai study-abroad Journal : Extra Edition
12.27.2016 Started a new section! We are the apple specialists...Living in the Tsugaru Field