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Sweet and Juicy

●High in Sugar Content

Aomori’s cool nights are perfect for apple growing.  The temperature difference
 between the night and day varies so much that it makes autumn leaves and apple’s
 brighter red. The sharper the drop of temperature, the sweeter the apples will be.


The climate of Aomori is suitable for apple growing.  The proper rainfall and the rich soil enables to ripen very juicy apples.


Apples grow by storing nutrition from daytime sunshine and at night they consume some of the saved nutrition. In Aomori, where the night temperature is lower than other districts, they need to use less nutrition.  Thus storing more nutrition, they seem to contain more nutrition in fruits.  This may lead to the firmness and long storage life of Aomori apples.

The four seasons and the climate of Aomori


We have very clear distinctive seasons

In winter the land is covered with snow mainly in the Tsugaru area and Mt. Hakkoda.  In spring, almost all the plants and trees come into bud at once.  Cherry and apple blossoms are in full bloom by May and they soon become thick with green leaves as summer approaches.  In fall, warm days and cool nights create a sharp drop in temperature.  The fall climate is one of the reasons for good Aomori apples.



Two different climates, the west, the Japan Sea side, and the east, the Pacific Ocean side

In winter we have snow on the west side of the prefecture because of high mountains blocking the moist air.  In the east, it snows little but extremely cold weather is present throughout the winter.  In summer it gets pretty hot in the west, but the moist and cold Okhotsk Sea air mass called “Yamase” frequently causes a lack of sunshine and low temperatures.


the climate of Aomori