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Notable Contributors

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The Department of Interior (the Home Office) imported apple seedlings from America and distributed three of them to Aomori Prefecture in 1875. They were planted in the grounds of the prefectural office.

After 130 years, Aomori harvests the highest number of apples in Japan and accounts for 53% of the total harvest (2005). We owe this success to our consumers and people who greatly contributed to apple-growing by establishing special techniques and keen research to overcome many problems. Farmers pay close attention to growing apples in order to show their respect and enthusiasm to those notable people and are still following their footsteps.

The many notable people who built the foundations of new techniques:

* Kikuchi Tateye was the first one to plant apples and spread apple cultivation techniques and is called the patriarch of Aomori apples

* Tonosaki Kashichi devoted his time to save Aomori apples from frequent pest crises and familiarized farmers with pest prevention and bagging.  He was called the God of Apples.

* Kimura Jinya analyzed endemic disease and established pest-prevention methods. This pest prevention system was implemented at the only Apple Experiment Station in the country.  (The Kimura Jinya Prize is awarded to a person who remarkably contributes to the apple industry.)

* Shibukawa Denjiro worked (labored) hard to reconstruct the devastated apple industry after the war.  He promoted and taught the pruning technique and founded an organization called “Aomori Apple Association”.

* Saito Masam had confidence in the taste of “Tohoku 7 (currently called Fuji)” which was developed at the Ministry of Agriculture and Forest Horticultural Experiment Station, Tohoku Branch Office in 1957.  He was convinced that Tohoku 7 (Fuji) could substitute the Kokkou apple and contributed greatly to the promotion of this new breed.


*Kaiku-sha was organized in 1877 to study and establish cultivation techniques learned from foreign engineers. It later became Tsugaru Industry Association and holds agriculture fairs to improve apple grower’s techniques.

*Kounou Co., Ltd. was founded in 1887 and started researching pests. It contributed greatly to developing new breeding and dwarfing cultivation technique.  It later changed its name to Apple Experiment Station but is presently called Aomori Apple Research Institute.