Removing Leaves

We observed the process of removing the leaves of “Sun Tsugaru” on August 27, 2016.



The removing of leaves is for the coloring of apples, exposing the fruit to more sunlight.  
But excess thinning causes a malnutrition of the fruit, owing to less photosynthesis. 

The farmers were skillfully thinning leaves one after another.


At the same time, they clipped the spindly growth of apple tree branches. 
Some shoots were longer than our height.  
This thinning and clipping allowed more sunlight.  (The red circled part)




The sunlight is essential for apples to become red, but there is another condition for this coloring to occur.  It’s temperature.
The apples start to color when the lowest temperature of the day is below 20 degrees C, even when the temperature is high during the daytime.


Regarding the coloring, please visit here.


A few days after the removal of leaves, rotating of fruit is performed so that all surfaces of the fruit gets red. 
The process of coloring after the removal of leaves and rotating of fruit happens days later.





When apples get bigger, there occurs feeding damage by crows.  
To cope with them, the farmers were using a model hawk which was flying in the air (the photo on the left).  It looked like a real one.

hatori3.jpg hatori4.jpg

There was sparkling tape (the photo on the right) as well, but the model hawk is the most effective, they said.





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