The Process of Sorting-Out

We visited an apple grower to observe the sorting-out work on July 5, ’16. This is done to grow bigger and more delicious apples by removing irregular fruit from the tree. 


We were permitted to experience some of this process in the orchard, but of course we were far behind in speed. Note that they are deciding which fruit to pick in an instant.


林さん摘果.jpg 林さん摘果2.jpg

Furthermore, during sorting-out they remove only the fruit, leaving the stem behind. The skilled growers perfectly determine the fruit to be saved and carefully leave the stem, all within just a moment.



We found many discarded apples on the ground and almost tripped and fell. There even exists a special word for this kind of fall, called “ringo guruma.”



he operation doesn’t end here. When the fruit get big enough, they proceed to the final sorting-out. And bagging, removing leaves, and fruit-rotating follow in the course of farming. Apples in Aomori are grown to be bigger and more delicious by the special care given by these skillful farmers.





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