When the apple flowers bloom... Beginning of the Defloration Process

The artificial pollination and defloration process begins when apple flowers bloom.  
I’d like to show you how the defloration process goes following the previous process of “artificial pollination”.



Apple flowers bloom in groups of 5 to 6 radially and the first blooming flower in the center is called the “central flower”, and the late-blooming surrounding flowers are called “side flowers”.


Among them the central flower is saved and the rest are nipped off.  If all the flowers bear fruit, each apple will not grow big or good.


There are some cases in which all, including the central flower, are picked, judging on the tree branch.  Severely selected flowers will grow with more nutrition and become bigger fruit.


Also, the defloration helps to decrease the consumption of tree energy.  That is to say, it suppresses the consumption of tree nutrition.


tekika-1.jpg tekika-2.jpg


You might think that it’s such a waste to pick beautiful flowers.  However, it is important to produce good apples.


In the previous article, I showed an orchard with only the Fuji variety, which makes natural pollination difficult.  For this reason, I visited orchards with “Ourin” and “Hirosaki Fuji” varieties where they were using bees for pollination.


Owing to the characteristic of cross-pollination, an orchard with only one variety cannot manage the pollination only with bees.

n the case of more than two varieties planted, bees fly over and collect other kinds of pollen to bear fruit.



The bees flew lively around the wooden boxes containing bee tubes.





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